Mazal Tov! 

Lets party and have fun. We know how to make a Simcha.

With years of experience catering London's most successful events, we guarantee that your Simcha is going to be fabulous!

Let us show you how we do it.

Barmizvah IMG_4247 Barmizvah Party at The Ballroom of The Park Lane Hotel
OfferEventsBarmizvah Monopoly Themed Party
Shooter Batmitzvah Park Royal - 17 Venice Themed Party at Film Studio
Arieh Wagner Kosher Catering & Events London A Friday Night Blrmizvha Dinner in a Marquee
2 Duck Pancakes Bespoke Kids Party Menus
Shooter Batmitzvah Park Royal - 32 We arrange some spectacular entertainment for your party
Barmizvah at The Ballroom Barmizvah Head Table
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Family Ohanna


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Family Bloch

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Family Pfeffer