Our goal is to provide

high-quality, safe food

every time, everywhere.

We at STARGUEST implement these standards and principles through programs, such as good hygiene protocols, and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

systems. All our employees are responsible for contributing to the success of our food safety system. We empower them to bring forward ideas that can improve our efforts maintaining the highest possible standards. We strive to ensure that every STARGUEST key employee is provided the training necessary to understand our food safety policies and practices, and his or her role in food safety. We have created a culture of food safety across STARGUEST. Our senior leadership team provides operational managers with the resources required to maintain a robust food safety system and to comply fully with food safety standards and expectations set by the company, regulators and customers.

Kosher Hilton

Hilton (UK)

Approved Caterer Certificate


Information Commissioner Office

Federation of Synagogues

Kashrut Certificate

Sheraton Grand London Park Lane

Lugano Rabbinate

Kashrut Certificate (seasonal)