St.Moritz – Kempinski

Kosher Supervision

The Kosher Restaurant at the Kempinski Grand Hotel in St.Moritz, Switzerland is under the strict supervision of Rabbi Ben-Zion Rabbinowitz shlit’a of Biala – Chief Rabbi of Lugano.

The supervision is only in effect during the following dates:

Winter / Purim Season: 17 – 31 March 2019

Summer Season: 30 June – 1 September 2019

Mashgiach Tmidi

The kosher kitchen is under the constant supervision of our resident Mashgiach.

Glatt / Mehadrin

All meat is sourced from Zurich and is Glatt / Mehadrin.

Cholov Isroel

Only Cholov Isroel products are being used throughout.


The Shul at the Kempinski is fully stocked with Seforim.

The Gabbai is Yochai Vahave.

All Alios are auctioned.