Pesach in Anguilla

STARGUEST by Arieh Wagner

proudly presents

Pesach in Anguilla at The Reef Hotel *****

You and your family are ready for a luxury experience that will delight you and exceed your expectations.

Pesach at one of the Caribbean’s best resorts, on one of the region’s best-kept secret locations. The Reef at Cuisinart in Anguilla.


Junior Suites Only

The Reef by Cuisinart ( boasts truly oversized Junior Suites, many with generous terraces and room for families.

The smallest Juniors are over 700 square feet, more than twice the size of a typical program’s base rooms. 

Only Oversized Bathrooms

Only 80 Rooms

Only Junior Suites

Only tell your best friends!

Kashruth without compromise – Non-Gebrokts

Glatt Meat

All meat is Glatt Kosher –

Chassidishe Shechita

Cholov YIsroel Only

All milk and milk products are Cholov Yisroel only with Mehadrin Hechsherim.

Shmurah Matzoth

We will provide Shmurah Matzoth – Hand Matzoth on request.


Mashgichim Tmidim under the auspices of R’ B.Z. Rabinowitz shlit’a The Biala Rebbe.

Complimentary Activities

At the resort



Discover a whole new world of marine life with a Caribbean underwater adventure. Lessons and tours are available at extra cost.

Glass-bottom Kayaking


Explore the Island in our complimentary glass bottom kayaks. The viewing portals allow spectacular views of the coral reefs and local marine life.

Paddle Boarding SUP


Get a work out on the water and take in all the Caribbean beauty Anguilla has to offer with our complimentary paddle boards. Not experienced? Professional training and tours are available at extra cost.

Kids Club / Day Camp


Your children will have a time of their life at our kids club.



In our Shul at The Reef you will feel comfortable. We don’t just take some corner in the hotel – we pick the most appropriate room.



Expect a variety of entertainment. From the musical to the mentally stimulating.

Amenities & Activities

Arieh Wagner Jewish Hotelier

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