Macallan Rare Cask – Single Malt

Macallan Rare Cask – Single Malt


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The Macallan spends more on sourcing, building, seasoning and caring for its casks than any other single malt whisky.

The last time The Macallan released a limited edition scotch whisky (sold only at its distillery in Speyside, Scotland) the line outside the door was long enough to disrupt the distillery’s day to day activities.

“The workers were both amused and a little annoyed because it made it difficult for them to get to work in the morning,” said Craig Bridger, The Macallan’s brand ambassador. “It was alarming how quickly the rare cask sold out.”

This latest release, The Macallan Rare Cask, will only be sold in the United States, so Speyside’s distillers are free to go about their business in peace. Lucky for them, and lucky for us.

Instead, all the chaos will ensue around liquor stories down by Wall Street and up to Midtown.

Here’s why. What makes The Macallan Rare Cask so rare goes back to the casks The Macallan uses to age the whisky, Bridger explained. A team led by The Macallan’s master distiller goes to Spain pick the sherry casks — made of oak, of course. Those casks are “seasoned” sherry for 18 months, are then dried and sent to Scotland. It’s a five year process.

“This is really an homage to our wood program,” said Bridger. “We’re one of a small handful of whisky producers, and certainly the biggest one, that doesn’t use artificial coloring.”

That’s right, he said “wood program.” They even have a Master of Wood. His name is Scott MacPherson, in case you were wondering.

After the team finds 100 casks that are up to snuff, they take those casks back to the sample room at The Macallan distillery. There they take samples and nose the whisky that comes from those casks after they’ve been proofed down.

Only the whisky in casks that survive that test get bottled. Inside the bottle is a scotch that manages that starts out with a bold, spicy taste and leaves your tongue with a light citrus taste.

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ColourMahoganyABV43.0%NoseOpulent, yet soft and slightly meandering, picture an orchestra setting up: quiet vanilla with deep notes, already in tune; raisin bold and booming, though only in spells; chocolate a star performer, but not a standout; a sweet ensemble of apple, lemon and orange, beautifully balanced with a spicy quartet of root ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Then oak conducts, mature and elegant, with patience only time delivers. PalateThe spicy quartet leads, loud and full, unwavering in their performance. Raisin dares to temper – and succeeds!! – but oak takes control; timeless, polished, rich and resonating. Vanilla and chocolate compliment each other in the backgroundFinishLight citrus zest, yet full and warming


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