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Table Plan – The Diamond
  • Noise Limit: Our function spaces are licenced for events with music not exceeding 85 decibels and no later than midnight. 
  • Any food and beverage catering must be provided through one of our approved caterers. 
  • The caterers must be licensed by Kedassia
  • Due to the nature of the building – no mixed dancing is permitted.
  • We can not isolate the smoke detectors, therefore smoke machines, fireworks or haze are not permitted.
  • No parking is available on site.
  • Suppliers can load/unload and must remove vehicles prior guest arrival.
  • Chuppah Roof: During rain the roof must remain closed.
  • The Venue does not supply a Chuppah or Mechitzah
  • Refuse: The venue does not have any rubbish bins. All refuse must be taken off site by the suppliers / caterers.
  • Alcohol: See Licensing

The Venue has its own sound system and 1x cordless microphone which is perfect for speeches and the use is included in the venue hire.

Strictly only approved contractors are permitted to plug into our sound system.

Lighting & Production:

The Venue has its lighting system and the use is included in the venue hire. 

Hanging lighting equipment and trussing is possible from hanging points in the ceiling. 

Only fire retardant and industry standard materials are permitted on site.

All staging, dancefloors, draping and set-work must comply with the latest industry regulations.

Our sole approved production supplier is SC Productions.

Terms & Conditions – Full Document:


Phone: 020 711 25 411

Address: The Diamond @ Beth Hamedrash Knesset Yehezkel – 187 Golders Green Rd, London, NW11 9BY

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