“The Rolls Royce of Kosher Hotels”

Experience the fabled hospitality of The Grand Hotel des Bain Kempinski. Once you breathe the intoxicating champagne climate you know you made it to the “Top of the World”.

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27 June – 31 August 2022


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Kashruth without compromise

Glatt Meat

All meat is Glatt Kosher –

Chassidishe Shechita

Cholov YIsroel Only

All milk and milk products are Cholov Yisroel only with Mehadrin Hechsherim.


Mashgichim Tmidim under the auspices of R’ B.Z. Rabinowitz, Chief Rabbi of Lugano, The Biala Rebbe shlit’a.


“From the moment we arrived

we were greeted by the most helpful

and pleasant staff.”

Feb 2019

Kosher Summer Vacation
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Arieh Wagner