2000 meters above the Stars!

"Above the clouds"

You and your family are ready for a luxury experience that will delight you and exceed your expectations. Summer at one of the Europe's highests hotels.

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Kashruth without compromise

Glatt Meat

All meat is Glatt Kosher -

Chassidishe Shechita

Cholov YIsroel Only

All milk and milk products are Cholov Yisroel only with Mehadrin Hechsherim.


Mashgichim Tmidim under the auspices of R' B.Z. Rabinowitz, Chief Rabbi of Lugano, The Biala Rebbe shlit'a.

"From the moment we arrived

we were greeted by the most helpful

and pleasant staff."

Feb 2019

How best to get to Frutt

In case you need some help, here are your travel options to Switzerland.


The closest international airports are:

ZURICH Airport (ZRH)

(75 minutes by car + 15 minutes by cable car)


The 49 rooms and suites radiate contemporary flair and offer sweeping views of the beautiful lake and alpine surroundings.


The high valley of Melchsee-Frutt at an altitude of 2000 metres, with its traffic-free, family-friendly resort on shores of the little mountain lake.


Kosher Dining is a luxurious experience. In the chilled surroundings of The Hotel. 

Be amazed.


Trust the uncompromising Kashruth standards under the direction of Rabbi B.Z. Rabbinowitz of Biala shlit'a - Chief Rabbi of Lugano. 

"Truly exceptional location.

Accommodation is beautiful, view is breathtaking"


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