Kosher Supervision
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The Kosher Restaurant at the Kempinski Grand Hotel in St.Moritz, Switzerland is under the strict supervision of Rabbi Ben-Zion Rabbinowitz shlit’a of Biala – Chief Rabbi of Lugano.

The supervision is only in effect during the following dates: (see below)

Mashgiach Tmidi

The kosher kitchen is under the constant supervision of our resident Mashgiach.

Glatt / Mehadrin

All meat is sourced from Zurich and is Glatt / Mehadrin.


Cholov Isroel

Only Cholov Isroel products are being used throughout.


The Shul at the Kempinski is fully stocked with Seforim.

The Gabbai is Yochai Vahave.

All Alios are auctioned.

Kosher Supervision


ללא פשרות

המטבחים הכשרים במתחם המלון מנוהלים ע”י אריה וגנר ונמצאים תחת פיקוחו המחמיר של של הרב ב.צ. רבינוביץ מביאלא

.צוות משגיחים המתגוררים במלון, מבטיחים עבורכם שמירת כשרות בסטנדרטים הגבוהים ביותר

.כל החלב ומוצרי החלב הינם חלב ישראל בלבד וכל הבשרים הינם גלאט למהדרין

Kosher St.Moritz Dates

26 June – 27 August 2023

(Kosher is only available during above dates and must be reserved directly through us.)

Kashering of equipment

Rav Rabbinowitz shlit’a inspecting personally products.

Kosher Supervision Switzerland Kempinski Arieh Wagner

Rabbi Yochai Vahave – Senior Mashgiach.

Rav Rabbinowitz of Biala, in St.Moritz

Kempinski Purim Kosher Vacation

Switching on the ovens at the bakery – Pas Ysroel

Kempinski Purim Kosher Vacation


December | 1-22


January | 10

to February | 2

Winter Dates