"The Quality of the food is second to none"

The highlight of the day is the STARGUEST kosher luxury dining experience.

Kashruth without compromise

Glatt Meat

All meat is Glatt Kosher -

Chassidishe Shechita

Cholov Yisroel

All milk and milk products are Cholov Yisroel only with Mehadrin Hechsherim.


Mashgichim Tmidim under the auspices of R' Y. Rabinowitz, The Biala Rebbe shlit'a.

Main Beef Kempinski Kosher



On arrival at the Kosher Restaurant, you will be escorted to your table.

You will be waiter-served a daily changing 4-course gourmet menu.

At every dinner, you will also have the opportunity to help yourself from our salad bar.

Further, we can cater for almost any dietary requirements - just please let us know in advance to allow us time to prepare.

Kosher Food Bread Breakfast Kempinski



Every morning an extensive kosher breakfast buffet is served

from 8:00am to 11:00 am.

Here is a partial listing of the delicious items you can expect:

Chef's live Egg Station - Famous Swiss Bread Selection - Freshly baked Croissants & Danish Pastries - Generous helpings of Smoked Scottish Salmon - Traditional Tuna Salad - Selection of Swiss & French Cheese- Refreshing Swiss Yogurt- Health Corner with Bircher Muesli, Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruits - Cottage, White and Cream Cheeses - Kellogg's Cereals & Granola - Fresh Vegetables & Fruits galore - Fruit Juices, Mineral Water- Herbal Teas & Speciality Coffees...

Kosher Kids Menu Barmizvah by Arieh Wagner London, Best Kids Meals Burger and Chips.



And most important we created a kid's menu with dishes they love.

Just order your Kids Menu in advance - online!

(Scan the QR code - and order - easy!)

Kosher Gourmet Food at The Kempinski Grand Hotel St.Moritz by Arieh Wagner Kosher Catering
2019 Kempinski Purim






7:00 am - 7:00pm

Kosher Breakfast Catering



Dreaming of a catered BBQ at an alpine lake?

Or perhaps a Picnic on a glacier at 3000 meters above sea level?

Or a helicopter tour with a stop over on top of a mountain?

We can arrange this for you. Just ask!

Read what our our guests say on Tripadvisor.

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Kosher Summer Vacation
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