Kosher Luxury in Scotland



15 August to 4 September 2024

Welcome to the Trump Turnberry Resort, where luxury meets unparalleled hospitality. After hosting successful Pesach programs at the esteemed Trump Turnberry Hotel, we are thrilled to unveil a new chapter in our offerings – the introduction of our first-ever Luxury Summer Program. Join us for an unforgettable experience where world-class amenities, breathtaking views, and impeccable service converge to create a haven of opulence. Be part of this exclusive summer retreat at Trump Turnberry, where every moment is crafted to exceed expectations.



Welcome to the Trump Turnberry Resort, where the summer vibes are as hot as the activities we've got lined up for you! Saddle up for some horse riding, try your hand at clay shooting, or paddle away on the loch with kayaking. Feel the wind in your hair as you hit the biking trails, get your adrenaline pumping with 4x4 off-road driving, and channel your inner marksman with target shooting. And hey, who doesn't love a bit of archery? At Trump Turnberry, we've got a jam-packed summer of fun waiting for you. So, grab your sense of adventure and let's make some awesome memories together!

Kosher Wedding Menu



Here we're not just serving up stunning views – get ready for a culinary experience that's as kosher as it gets! Our gourmet food game is strong, and this summer, we're turning up the heat. Picture this: delectable kosher delights that will have your taste buds doing a happy dance. From mouthwatering main courses to tempting treats, our chefs are pulling out all the stops. It's not just a meal; it's a flavor-packed journey. So, whether you're a foodie or just someone who appreciates good eats, join us at Trump Turnberry for a kosher gourmet experience that'll leave you craving more. Get your appetite ready for a feast like no other!

Kosher Lamb



Experience the next generation of kosher dining with our new generation of kosher main courses! Perfect for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and charity dinners, our main courses are sure to impress and satisfy your guests. Our expert chefs have combined traditional kosher recipes with contemporary cooking techniques to create a range of dishes that are both delicious and visually stunning. Whether you're looking for a classic dish with a modern twist or something completely new, our menu has got you covered. So why settle for ordinary kosher cuisine when you can have a truly exceptional dining experience? Book our new generation of kosher main courses today and take your event to the next level!



At Trump Turnberry Resort, the luxury extends beyond your bedroom to our spa haven, where relaxation meets breathtaking views. Dive into tranquility at our infinity pool, offering stunning vistas of the ocean – the perfect setting for a serene escape. Our spacious gym invites you to keep up with your fitness routine, while separate saunas and steam rooms cater to both ladies and gentlemen, ensuring a personalized experience. Indulge in a myriad of rejuvenating treatments, designed to pamper and revitalize. It's not just a spa day; it's an escape to bliss. Come, treat yourself to a world of relaxation and rejuvenation like never before with Starguest.

Kosher in Scotland at Trump Turnberry Hotel. Luxury Vacation in Europe.



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At Trump Turnberry Resort, the allure extends to our exceptional event spaces, making it the ideal venue for unforgettable occasions. Picture dining against the backdrop of ocean views in our stunning location, making it the perfect setting for destination weddings. Or envision celebrating Shabbat with your family in a space that exudes elegance and charm. The expansive Donald Trump Ballroom, adorned with million-dollar chandeliers, sets the stage for unique Simchas. Whether it's a joyous wedding celebration, a Chuppah or a family Shabbat, STARGUEST caters to your every need with style and grace. Create memories that last a lifetime in a location that's as extraordinary as your Simcha- Mazal Tov!


Kosher Luxury Summer in Scotland
15 August to 4 September 2024

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