Arieh Wagner

Born to be a Caterer

Have you ever returned home from an event, and been unable to stop talking about how incredible it was?
Creating moments like those is my job. My passion. My life.
I’m Arieh Wagner, and this is my story.
My parents

I was born into the hospitality business.

I grew up surrounded by the day-to-day life of running the Silberhorn Hotel,

Grindelwald, which was owned by my parents.

I developed a passion for providing exceptional service and high-quality

experiences for our guests.

In 1997, I used my experience and understanding of kosher gourmet to establish

Starguest, a brand providing top-quality, luxury hospitality for Kosher events.

I became the only caterer with an in-house kitchen at a five-star hotel in London.

This gave me the ability to provide a stunning backdrop for your events, creating a truly unique atmosphere for your evening.

The Park Lane Hotel
HRT Hon Thatcher

Over the last 25 years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the best in the industry, hosting over 1000 events, and serving over a quarter of a million guests (!), including Prime Ministers and Royalty.

Today, Starguest and Arieh Wagner are synonymous with the absolute gold

standard of gourmet catering and are perfectly suited to serving you at your next event.

Our Mission

Turning events into luxury experiences

Events are like a jigsaw. All the little pieces need to fit together, from barman to bridesmaid. From Decor to Drinks.

The caterer is a large piece of the puzzle, but unlike other companies, we are more than just a piece.

Our partnership with Sheraton Grand London Park Lane gives you a jaw-dropping venue,

A fitting backdrop to our elegant cuisine, and impeccable service on the day.

We turn the puzzle pieces into a breathtaking picture of luxury.

Chuppah Sheraton Grand London Kosher

“Arieh’s experience really made a difference”

“We loved it! We have been told by guests it was the best food that anyone had ever had at any wedding.

Arieh’s experience really made a difference. Everything went so smoothly on the day.

Darren Edel, Groom, 2022

Our Values


Our customers are our number one priority.

We understand that an event is more than just an evening,

And we do everything to ensure each customer gets a full luxury experience, right from the first call.

“It was just brilliant. The food was beautifully presented, the service was excellent. Just terrific.”

Marsha Alter, 2022


At the end of the day, a great caterer needs great food.

With over 25 years of experience, we are known for our top-level cuisine.

We can guarantee you will not be disappointed with our chefs’ artwork. Come and try for yourself.

“People still, nearly a year later, regularly tell me and my wife that the wedding

had some of the best wedding food that they've ever had!”

Gavin, Groom, 2023


One thing that sets an event apart is class.

At Starguest, we have proven over the years to have that special touch,

turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, making your event something truly special that people will


“We were absolutely delighted with the wedding and the catering was superb in every respect.

Arieh and his team did an outstanding job on the night and we have since received so many compliments.”

Family Lester, 2022

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Arieh Wagner