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The Jewish Customer

The need for Cultural Awareness Training emerged organically from the regular interaction between the Jewish traveller and the customer service staff/crew. The lack of basic knowledge created uncomfortable situations for customer facing staff.

Our Awareness Training about Jewish culture removed preconceptions which caused awkward interactions with the Jewish clients. 

Our training is tailored to the specific needs for the hospitality or security sector, and will address various situations staff will likely encounter.

Arieh Wagner introducing Virgin Atlantic Crew to Jewish London.

Best training day we ever had! Loved it!!

  • Senior Crew member – Virgin Atlantic


  • Airline Crews 
  • Hotel Front Desk Staff
  • Hotel F&B Staff
  • Management 
  • Police
  • Border control officers
  • Hospital staff
  • Emergency services
  • etc…


  • Shabbat 
  • Jewish Festivals
  • Kosher Food
  • Kosher Certification 
  • Jewish Weddings 
  • Traditional Clothing
  • Barmitzvah
  • Traditions
  • etc…


The training is given in person and can be supported with an online course.

The duration is anywhere from 1/2 day to a full day and the cost is calculated based on the scope of the training and the duration. 

This solution will give confidence to front line staff and improve customer service in a very short time. 

Case Study – Virgin Atlantic Airlines

The London – Tel-Aviv route is a hotly contested and lucrative route. Following our unique awareness training with senior crew members of Virgin Atlantic this route scored one of the the highest customer satisfaction index compared with all other Virgin Atlantic routes. A result which can be directly attributed to the highly motivated Virgin Atlantic staff and the training which put crew at ease with a new customer segment.

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